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251 Route 73 S | Marlton, NJ 08053 | (856) 983 - 9444
Thank you to all of our valued customers who are like family to us. There will be many missed warm smiles, hugs, kisses, laughs, authentic homemade food and late night talks but the memories don't stop there at our restaurant. My mom always would make our customers feel like family when she approached your table with a pasta wire and explained not only all of her homemade specialties but the process of it as well “I roll each by each from hand”. Her warm smile, Italian accent and welcoming demeanor are enough for anyone to try out her food. We even have regulars who we refer to them as “The Fusilli People” because they love her dish so much. Who would have known my mom was a born sales woman. Anyone who stays late or brings their own bottle knew they also got the chance to experience Tom jokes or a philosophical talk with our dad. As soon as you see Tom at the end of the night finished cooking, he has a big smile on his face and a glass of wine in his hand. This has always been his routine and the best part of the night. Not only for him but for everyone knowing they would leave our restaurant having had not only amazing service and comfort food but also new friends which make you a part of our Spaghetti House Family. Our dad is an amazing boss, friend, grandfather, husband, mentor, comedian and even a superhero. He would balance getting fresh food for the day, cooking, fixing anything that broke and any errands needed for the restaurant. When something came up during his busy day and someone he knew needed help or needed a delivery order he would always be there to save the day. If someone was having a bad night or just needed a great laugh we always could count on him to turn the night around through a joke or a great story. He did this not only for our valued customers but to his staff as well and we will never forget how much him and my mom have left a mark on each of us at The Spaghetti House. Our parents have dedicated most of their lives to their restaurant and it has been their pride and joy.

There have been generations of customers and staff who have been dedicated to us for 35 years. We have watched your children grow and even though our restaurant is closing we hope the friendships and memories you have made through the years are never forgotten. Life is busy today with work and making ends meet we lose how important family really is. The Spaghetti House was always a reminder to take a step back from that busy life and realize how fortunate we all are to have developed such a strong family support system. Pam, Sharon, Stace, Becky, Barb, Jayme, Steve and anyone who has worked with us in the past, thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication you have made to our restaurant.

We will truly miss you.

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Spaghetti House
251 Route 73 S
Marlton, NJ 08053
(856) 983 - 9444


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